Marije Batting is specialised in supervision and enforcement in administrative law. This also entails the publication of enforcement decisions and monitoring data. Within Pels Rijcken, she is responsible, as one of the two sector heads, for the broad supervision and enforcement practice of the firm. In her practice she focuses in particular on the financial sector and on the healthcare sector and frequently acts on behalf of the Dutch regulatory authorities in these sectors. She also has extensive experience in conducting disciplinary proceedings against individual professionals such as doctors and accountants in high-profile cases.

Marije studied Dutch Law at the University of Groningen.

Marije has been a partner at Pels Rijcken since 1 January 2017. Marije on her appointment: "The practice of supervision and enforcement in administrative law is developing rapidly and increasingly has the public's interest. As advocate of all Dutch regulatory authorities, we oversee the broad playing field in which they operate. I am looking forward to making a further contribution to this practice in my new role as a partner at Pels Rijcken."

Additional Information

  • Board member, VAR Administrative Law Association
  • Author, bi-annual chronicle on enforcement NTB
  • Member editorial staff Tijdschrift voor Toezicht