Marije joined Pels Rijcken as an attorney on 1 January 2007. She is a specialist in administrative law and focuses mainly on monitoring and enforcement, particularly with respect to the financial sector. She has extensive experience of litigating in disciplinary proceedings against accountants in high-profile cases. Her regular clients include the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, De Nederlandsche Bank and the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants. She is also an expert in the publication of enforcement decisions and data on supervision. She is helped in this respect by her extensive experience regarding the Dutch Government Information (Public Access) Act. As a member of the Mobility Practice Group, Marije advises and litigates with respect to the Dutch Passenger Transport Act 2000.

Additional Information

  • Board member, VAR Administrative Law Association
  • Author, bi-annual chronicle on enforcement NTB
  • Member editorial staff Tijdschrift voor Toezicht