Infrastructure & Asset Management

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Infrastructuur en assetmanagement bijgesneden

Asset management is increasingly playing a role in infrastructural projects, particularly in view of the fact that these continue to increase in volume, duration and capacity. Good management, construction and maintenance of infrastructure do not only ensure more professionalism in the sector. Cost reduction and improvement are also important by-products of good asset management. But what about the legal component?

Asset management entails the following steps based on the plan-do-check-act method:

  • Policy & Strategy
  • Managing & Programming
  • Planning & Preparing
  • Building & Maintaining
  • Monitoring & Analysing
  • Evaluating & Improving

During each of these steps in the process of asset management, there are also potential legal hindrances. Examples include an incorrect spatial planning decision, a nesting house sparrow or the absence of a prescribed environmental impact report. This kind of legal obstacle can result in plans being prematurely rejected, intended projects either not going ahead or else not in the size or form originally envisaged, or in serious delays which cost more time, money and energy. It is therefore important to make these legal obstacles clear at an early stage.

Steer more effectively towards the desired end result
You can steer more effectively if you have a clear overview of potential legal obstacles. For every problem there is a solution. Furthermore, we know the legal possibilities and impossibilities, the criteria that are applied, the current policies, the relevant case law and the latest insights better than anyone. Add to that our experience in handling politically sensitive and complex situations and you can see the added value of a well substantiated and cleverly written advice.

Practical and personal advice
There are 19 environmental management law specialists working in our Spatial Planning & Environment Department, each with their own expertise and unique competencies. The common denominator is our practical approach to the problems. This results in concrete recommendations that can be immediately put into practice with the objective of ensuring that plans are carried out. In addition, we like to have personal contact and encourage long-term relationships.

Would you like to know more?
Are you about to embark on a large infrastructural project or are you preparing for a challenge in management or maintenance? And do you want to ensure that your project is not tripped up unnecessarily by a legal obstacle? We would be happy to help you with a LegalSanityCheck or to make the whole procedure transparent with our LegalRoadMap. Whatever the case, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Infrastructure & Asset Management

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