The Funds Expert team at Pels Rijcken can provide the answers to all your questions related to funds.

As a local or regional authority, you have various resources at your disposal for implementing your policies. We notice that funds are being chosen increasingly often as a means of financing or stimulating policy-related activities or sectors.  For instance, this may involve sustainability or greening, investments in the quality of art and culture or supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

Setting up and structuring a fund requires taking a multitude of social and administrative interests into consideration. You want to ensure that resources from the fund are allocated in a fair and democratic manner and you need to make decisions about the financing and the revolving nature of the fund. Other strategic questions are whether the fund provides subsidies, or whether you place the fund 'at arm's length' and which requirements a fund manager must satisfy.

We regularly put our legal expertise to use to assist local and regional public authorities in setting up and structuring funds. In collaboration with you, our experts can explore the possibilities for working out your administrative wishes and requirements. As a sparring partner, we will think along with you about governance, financial control, state aid and aspects of subsidy regulations and procurement law. A special feature of our team, and our office, is that we have a great deal of knowledge and extensive experience in the public domain. We know the political dynamics and decision-making processes better than anyone else and together with you, we can work effectively towards concrete resolutions.

If you are considering setting up a fund, an investigation into the legal options at an early stage is of importance; the sooner such an investigation takes place, the wider the range of possibilities for the fund. We gladly offer you the option to brainstorm with us in a congenial atmosphere regarding the possible elaboration of your policy-related wishes and requirements.  During such a brainstorming session, we can examine the points requiring attention in relation to setting up and structuring a fund and we can discuss the concrete steps necessary for decision-making.

If you are interested in a meeting (without being under any obligation) or if you would like to receive more information about our funds team, please get in touch with us.



  • Sandra van Heukelom-VerhageAttorney-at-law, partner
  • Iman BrinkmanAttorney-at-law, partner