Real Estate

Approximately 65 attorneys and civil-law notaries at Pels Rijcken are engaged in handling matters of real estate and infrastructure on a daily basis thus making Pels Rijcken one of the largest real estate practices in the Netherlands. Pels Rijcken knows this sector inside out and works on behalf of clients operating on both sides of the sector, whether from the perspective of owners and developers or that of investors and government authorities.

Pels Rijcken has been called in to assist with numerous selling procedures and with various large-scale projects in urban centres and regional development projects. Pels Rijcken is actively involved at every stage of any given procedure and provides support ranging from assistance with the spatial planning to the realisation and operation of a project. In addition, Pels Rijcken gives advice on both letting and renting, structured sales and/or tendering processes and real estate financing. Pels Rijcken is the preferred supplier of legal services related to public-private partnerships and innovative types of contracts (DBFMO).

Pels Rijcken  brings its extensive experience of litigation in the field of real estate to bear on the advice it provides. This means that the advice is always to the point, up-to-date and tailored to suit the client's needs. It is therefore not surprising  that the firm is the permanent adviser to the State, various provincial authorities and a large number of municipal authorities. Because of its unique and extensive experience with real estate deals and disputes within the political and administrative framework, Pels Rijcken is also a valuable partner for many educational institutes, housing corporations, project developers, investors and consultants.



Real Estate

  • Daniëlle Roelands - FransenAttorney-at-law, partner
  • Maryse Mesu-AbbekerkAttorney-at-law, partner