Other Government Authorities

A well-regulated society, such as the one in the Netherlands, has many government bodies. In addition to the State, provincial and local municipal governments, there is a whole range of other organisations charged with government duties. These include the regional water authorities, the Land Registry Office, the Employee Insurance Agency, the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers and numerous other larger and smaller bodies charged with government responsibility.

All these organisations are characterised by the fact that they operate in a singular administrative and political arena. Society is becoming increasingly transparent, and with civilians becoming more critical and growing more assertive, the number of critical observers in the arena is rising.

Furthermore, the bodies responsible for performing public tasks are increasingly confronted with challenges such as mandatory competition, shrinking budgets and a dynamic society that requires decisiveness and an efficient course of action. In these circumstances, society often has different standards for assessing the actions of an organisation in the public sector compared with those it sets for businesses in the private sector.

When government authorities face legal issues, it is essential that their exceptional position is thoroughly understood. With years of hands-on experience, the attorneys and civil law notaries at Pels Rijcken are second to none in the public arena in the Netherlands.

Their experience and legal expertise make Pels Rijcken's lawyers ideal sparring partners for different government organisations and if legal procedures cannot be avoided, they are excellent advocates in court.


Other Government Authorities

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