The Dutch energy industry is extremely diverse. On the one hand, the sector focuses strongly on the international energy markets which form the playing field for various global players. On the other hand, the industry also incorporates a local market with local players controlled by local governments and subject to specific local regulations along with European legislation.

Gas is a particularly important component of the Dutch energy industry because, given its position as the 'gas roundabout' of North-western Europe, the Netherlands has both the potential and the ambition to assume an extensive and prominent role. The gas industry is of vital importance to the Dutch economy, not only in terms of gas production, but also in terms of gas transit, storage and trade as well as the continued development of further knowledge in this field.

Pels Rijcken has a deeper understanding of the energy industry than most because the firm has been, and still is, closely involved in major national projects concerning sustainability, market development and energy trade. Pels Rijcken advises national and local governments and acts as a sparring partner for producers, industrial consumers and buyers. Pels Rijcken is highly valued, both for the solid advice it provides and for the strong and decisive approach it takes to litigation.

Pels Rijcken's specific approach appeals to both government authorities and corporate clients because not only do our attorneys and notaries have a thorough understanding of the subject, but the firm also knows the ins and outs of both supply and demand, regardless of whether the parties involved are minor players or huge corporations. Pels Rijcken successfully combines its market insight with a healthy no-nonsense attitude.


Reference work on the Heating Supply Act and the heating supply regulatory framework

The Minister of Economic Affairs recently submitted a proposal to the House of Representatives for the amendment of the Heating Supply Act (the "legislative proposal").

Pels Rijcken has produced an excellent reference work for you in which it has incorporated the impact of the legislative proposal on the present Heating Supply Act with additions and deletions in the current wording of the Act. If you would like to know what the consequences are of this legislative proposal, you can download your copy of the reference work here.


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