Law Enforcement & Criminal Law

The application of criminal law and law enforcement can have a far-reaching impact on an individual’s life. A careful and determined approach is therefore always required.

Any government action in this area is often put under the microscope. The media and society keep a watchful eye on the government both in cases where the law is actively enforced in court, yet also where the government takes a more reserved approach. Pels Rijcken's specialists are aware of this. They possess special expertise and experience in particular where the areas of criminal law, civil law and administrative law meet.

Their client list includes the Ministry of Security and Justice, the Public Prosecution Service, the Judicial Institutions Service, the Central Fine Collection Agency and the Child Protection Board. Pels Rijcken provides advice and litigates on compensation for damages after criminal proceedings, (criminal) attachments and recovery of (criminal) assets, international legal aid, information exchange, the ECHR (Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms) and the enforcement of punishments and measures.


Law Enforcement & Criminal Law

  • Cécile BitterAttorney-at-law, partner
  • Reimer VeldhuisAttorney-at-law, partner