Disciplinary law

There is a growing interest in disciplinary law. Society needs to be able to publicly call to account those who perform special tasks in our social and economic life if they act improperly. The demand for making use of this instrument is accordingly on the rise. Introducing disciplinary law in youth care and for bankers are just two examples of the latest developments taking place currently.
Pels Rijcken is highly specialised in disciplinary law. Not only do we have knowledge about the content of the professional regulations and the framework of disciplinary law, but we also have essential expertise when it comes to administrative enforcement and supervision in general. Our expertise encompasses the disciplinary law related to all professional groups, from doctors to auditors. In providing advice to professional organisations about the structure of the disciplinary law, we make use of the knowledge we have of the different disciplinary regulations. In short, we know all there is to know about disciplinary law.

It is of great importance for the democratic legitimacy of a professional organisation or supervisory authority that society really understands why it is necessary to take action against a professional practitioner. We see it as our duty to translate the often complex professional regulations into a clear narrative which in the end, every disciplinary court is in need of. Furthermore, we understand better than anyone else that if one takes action against a professional practitioner on behalf of a professional organisation, one must do so with a sensitivity to the interests of all parties concerned. The political and administrative arena in which these kinds of cases are conducted is familiar territory for us.
We are extremely proud that we may have the privilege of representing the professional organisations and supervisory authorities in high-profile cases. We have been involved in all of the major disciplinary lawsuits of recent years. Examples include Jansen Steur, Ruwaard van Putten, Vestia and DSB and the notary services of HEMA. In short, we have extensive experience with complex and sensitive disciplinary proceedings and advisory processes. By virtue of this experience, we work efficiently and effectively where issues related to the more day-to-day disciplinary practice are concerned.

Should you at any time have questions about disciplinary law, please feel free to contact Marije Batting without obligation. We relish thinking together with you!


Disciplinary law

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