Corporate Law

Corporate law touches the very heart of a company. In fact, corporate law plays a major part in every strategic decision, whether that decision involves a partnership or a merger, the reorganisation of a group of companies or perhaps a dispute concerning the direction the company is to take.


This year marks the 25th anniversary of our Corporate Law Department. To celebrate this anniversary, Pels Rijcken has published a volume entitled Innovatie in het ondernemingsrecht which addresses innovation in administrative law. 


Pels Rijcken's attorneys' and civil-law notaries' practice in this field meets the highest standards due to their superior knowledge of corporate law and the opportunities it offers for the best results. Their advice is solid and reliable, and they are used to act as a sounding board for companies facing decisions - both strategic ones and everyday decisions. Clients appreciate their legal integrity, their sound, practical advice and their extensive experience in court.

The attorneys and civil-law notaries specialising in corporate law apply their expertise to their advice and services for transactions and proceedings, for example in:  

  • judicial proceedings and arbitration; 
  • corporate governance;
  • mergers and takeovers;
  • reorganisations;
  • fund formation and financing arrangements;
  • trade relations;
  • public-private partnerships.

Pels Rijcken represents the State and local governments as well as multinational and national companies and not-for-profit-organisations. Many of these clients operate on regulated markets, such as the finance sector, the energy industry and the healthcare sector. Commercial clients benefit from Pels Rijcken's experience of dealing with government institutions, such as supervisory authorities and tender services, while government authorities appreciate Pels Rijcken's attorneys' and civil-law notaries' inside knowledge of the business community.

A selection of our recent cases

    • BNP Paribas Fortis

    Verweer in collectieve en schadevergoedingsacties naar aanleiding van de aandelenemissie van Fortis in 2007 vanwege de informatieverschaffing in het prospectus over subprime beleggingen.

    • Total

    Advisering aan Total over en begeleiding van de overdracht van upstream-activiteiten aan Sinochem.

    • Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu

    Bijstand inzake de ontwikkeling en exploitatie van de hogesnelheidslijn aan het Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu.

    • ExxonMobil

    Voor ExxonMobil was Pels Rijcken verantwoordelijk voor de advisering over en begeleiding van de gedeeltelijke verkoop van het netwerk van tankstations.

    • Ministerie van Economische Zaken, IKV Pax Christi, Shell, ExxonMobil e.a.

    Voor bovengenoemde partijen stelde Pels Rijcken 'Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights' op.

    • De Staat

    Advisering aan de Staat inzake de derivatenportefeuille van Vestia en de herstructurering van de sector.


Corporate Law

  • René van de KlashorstAttorney-at-law, partner
  • Luc DefaixAttorney-at-law, partner