Administrative Law

Administrative law is central to the practice of many of the lawyers at Pels Rijcken. An important aspect is the fact that the government acts in different capacities; that of regulator, administrator and executor. Due to our strong position within the public domain, our administrative law lawyers have a higher political-administrative sensitivity than anyone else.

Public administration acts in accordance with the interests of society in which politics plays an important role. Based on their expertise, the administrative law lawyers of Pels Rijcken know what the client needs and what government interests are at stake.

Due to decades of experience, the administrative law specialists of Pels Rijcken are able to combine their political, administrative and legal knowledge in the advice they provide. The General Administrative Law Act, which standardises government action but also provides the government with many opportunities, forms the backbone of administrative law. Pels Rijcken knows this law better than most, follows all developments closely and has a website that is accessible to everyone where the parliamentary history of the General Administrative Law Act (PG Awb) is digitally kept up to date and explained.

As a result of regularly providing advice and frequently conducting lawsuits, Pels Rijcken has a head start over other firms. The administrative law lawyers are accordingly best placed to convey the outlook and positions of the government in court. The firm gets a great deal of information first-hand and has unique and up-to-date expertise at its disposal. Due to the fact that we often act on behalf of administrative clients, Pels Rijcken has a broad overview of the latest developments in administrative law in the Netherlands and of all the issues that are dealt with by administrative tribunals.


Administrative Law

  • Sandra van Heukelom-VerhageAttorney-at-law, partner
  • Elisabeth PietermaatAttorney-at-law, partner